I love what I do.
So should you.

I was always ambitious but I never quite found where

I fit in the tech world. Then I found Product Management. 

I discovered the work that energizes me. Now I love empowering people to grow and thrive as Product Managers. 

The Journey

Engineer to what?

At the age of 13, back in Ireland, I built my first website for Rainbow Car Wash. It was the moment that set the trajectory for my entire career. I found my passion. I went on to spend several years as a Frontend Engineer, and then slowly, I started to move into more leadership and team lead roles. Like so many people, I fell into Product Management. I just started to do the work of a Product Manager without knowing anything about the discipline. I remember telling my wife that I didn’t know what I would do if I left my job at the time. I wasn’t an Engineer, a Designer or a Business Analyst. I didn’t know what I was.

Product Manager to Coach

Everything changed during a single conversation. Someone asked me “So you’re a Product Manager?” I actually hadn’t heard the term before so I did some research. My first read was A Product Manager’s Job by Josh Elman. It described in great detail what my role was. From there, I read Inspired by Marty Cagan and fell in love with the craft of Product Management.


Several years later I took a role as Group Product Manager at 15Five. I had managed Engineers, Designers, and PMs before, but this was the first time coaching an entire team of PMs. Coaching Product Managers and helping them grow in their careers energized me like no work I had ever done before. It became my passion.

Coaching Product Managers and helping them grow in their careers energized me like no work I had ever done before.

It became my passion.

When I talk about career coaching I’m not talking about resume building, interview prep or job-seeking tips (although I have lots to share about this too).

I’m talking about building a clear vision and strategy to help you thrive and advance in your career.


There are many facets of Product Management. We need to find out what motivates you, what work energizes you and what aligns with your strengths.


You will only thrive and grow in your career once you have deep understanding and alignment.


Once we know what work aligns with you, we’ll plan out how to level up your skills and experience. We need to empower you to move forward in your career.

We’ll develop a structured plan to follow. We’ll focus on using opportunities in your current role to thrive in and move forward in your career.


We’ll focus our energy on growth in your current role.


Regular 1-on-1s will allow us to check in on your progress, unblock your challenges and help you thrive in your role.

You know where you want to go so this is the time to put in all your energy. Reach your career goals and aspirations and enjoy the process.

Career Coaching

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